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What is ChartExpo™

ChartExpo™ is a visualization library that enables users to make effective and interactive visual representations of their data that instantly make sense and go far beyond your basic line, bar and pie charts. With highly advanced and creative charts built on top of the D3 platform, users are able to turn data into a picture that fully represents their data landscape without tedious coding or support needs. In any browser, on any platform and device, customers can see, interact, and manipulate their data to pinpoint and illustrate the meaning in their information.

Why We Created ChartExpo™

We designed ChartExpo™ to fill the creative gap we saw in the visualization libraries currently available. Bar charts, line chart and pie charts and all the same old visuals lack the instant story telling potential a well-designed chart can achieve. Instead, ChartExpo™ delivers visuals that tell the story instantly so your audience doesn’t have to struggle to interpret the data, but instead they understand it at first sight.

How Does ChartExpo™ Work

ChartExpo™ is built on the D3 framework. Users have access to all the graphical expressiveness of D3 without needing to get over the steep D3 learning curve, having to depend on support or having to code. ChartExpo™ provides users with a data visualization tool box that is easy to implement and is consistent across all platforms, browsers, and devices. Users of ChartExpo™ appreciate that it seamlessly integrates with multiple online data feeds allowing for responsive, real-time dashboards. Because ChartExpo™ is built on D3 users have a broader choice of visualizations compared to other libraries. We also provide the service to create custom charts.

What we Hope to Achieve with ChartExpo™

As seasoned data-science professionals, we developed ChartExpo™ to help other big data and business intelligence professionals better illustrate their hard work. Now you can display your findings more succinctly, present your data in a clear and easy to understand image and establish consistent dashboards and charts that are instantly populated and updated with current data to show the full progression of how everything is evolving over time. ChartExpo™, like D3, is the next generation of data visualization. Your hard work deserves to be presented in a way that really tells the entire data story. ChartExpo™ arms you with the right imagery to help your clients make better decisions quickly.